Name: Cooper Webster
Age: 16
Place of birth: Kilmore, Victoria. Australia.
Home town: Wallan, Victoria. Australia
School: Assumption College in Kilmore.
First Race: 4 Years of age (BMX)
Current Class: Hyundai Excel Trophy Class
Racing Number: 37

Cooper Webster is a driven young man who is striving to forge a career in motorsport as a racing driver.

The first and also most important ingredient that is required to make this possible is
corporate backing. Cooper needs to partner with large companies, where he is able to
contribute to increasing their brand awareness through promotion and media exposure.
Avenues such as social media, industry expo’s, event displays and general advertising are
all ways that Cooper can help to increase the profile of a company in the marketplace.
Companies continually use motorsport as a marketing tool to grab people’s attention while
also generating excitement around the brand.
Cooper will be looking to constantly build on and strengthen any partnerships that he forms
with companies as he progresses throughout his career.

Cooper started racing Go-Karts at 9 years of age and is now 15 years old.
In that time he has been able to achieve a great deal of success including winning 5 State
Championships and also winning the 2016 Australian National Championship.
Cooper has also tasted international success by winning a race in Le Mans France at the
2016 IAME International Final.

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